Plug In ICA : The Palace at 4am A costumed ball & dance party

Please join Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art for an evening of music, dancing and extravagant folly.

What: The Palace at 4am • A costumed ball & dance party

When: Saturday, October 26, 2019 | 10 pm until late

Where: The abandoned Bay basement (450 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB)

Who knows what could happen in The Palace at 4 am?


Join us on Saturday, October 26, 2019 for a costume ball and dance party in the abandoned Bay Basement. Celebrate the best of contemporary art and support Plug In ICA. Revel in an enchanted space and be prepared to dance the night away. This costumed event will create a safe, positive and unforgettable evening where you’ll want to indulge!

The famed Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s trace-like sculpture The Palace at 4 a.m. from 1932 was created in homage to a lost love. It is a small and delicate work that imparts the confounding bounds of love as well as the fragility of an intense love affair, capturing the tension between the incomprehensible strength of a fresh bond and the shattering weakness of its potential rupture. The “palace” is the place of residence of a person with wealth, power, social standing, and importance. In both of the above examples that place of importance is shifted onto other entities: love and art. We embrace these reinventions of the palace! The palace is a place that is fragile, a place that can be stormed and broken, a place where anything can happen, a place to worship, love and art. Who knows what could happen in The Palace at 4 am?

This is a fundraising event! The proceeds raised from this event will keep us FREE and accessible to all. As an Institute of Contemporary Art, our mandate is to provide dynamic programming free to all with a commitment to education. All contributions go directly towards programming, ensuring Plug In ICA continues to provide world-class exhibitions, events, lectures, online projects and education programs.




••The Palace at 4am | 10pm to late
Ball Ticket: $20 early bird until Sept 8; $25 regular
Abandoned Bay Basement • 450 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0E7

••• To purchase tickets:
1) Call Plug In ICA during office or gallery hours at (204) 942-1043
2) Visit the Plug In ICA Book Shop during gallery hours at 460 Portage Ave
3) Purchase tickets online:
4) Email:


For media inquiries please contact

Ball: For Sponsorship Opportunities please contact: All sponsorship packages include tickets to a Chandelier Dinner


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