Helga Jakobson: Shimmer

Exhibition – Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Jakobson - Shimmer.png

Video Pool writes:

Queer ecology calls us to reimagine many ways of being and acting, from self expression to defence. An example of this is looking at how some bee colonies in their swarm formation collectivize and defend in a wave-like action which is sometimes referred to as shimmering. Through movements that demonstrate solidarity and strength, the community works together in a stunningly visual display that protects and asserts presence. The expression of power through solidarity, imagination, and non-conformism is an act of shimmering. Shimmer is a visual reimagining, a reflection on becoming-with companion species and an ode to those who have and continue to shimmer.

June 28 – Jul 26

Opening Friday June 28 7PM

Poolside Gallery

221-100 Arthur st



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