Registering for Courses at SOA?

An Important Message from your Student Advisor

The following message is sent on behalf of Heather Nicolson, Student Advisor, SOA:

It is just about time to start registration for the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 terms! The schedule is now posted so you can begin to look at planning your timetable.

I’m working on emailing each of you individually with a specific course plan and recommendations for next year. I will be working on this right up to registration so to help in the mean time I’ve prepared an FAQ.

1) I just finished 1st year and am not sure what to take?
– As long as you have completed your 21 credit hours in 1st year studios you can move into 2000 and 3000 level.
– You should also consider doing at least 1 Art History a term
– If you were a direct entry student you will have Academic Electives to work on as well

2) Can I take 2000 and 3000 level studios yet?
Prerequisite for these courses is 21 credit hours of 1st year studios; and for the 3000 level studios in most cases you need 6 credit hours of Intro 2000 level studios in the same media. See the Advising Office for more details.

3) Can I take more than one STDO 2680 or STDO 3680 course?
Yes. You can take as many as you like as long as the title of the course changes and the section changes. Ex. T01, T02, T03. You will need an override if you plan to do more than one a term though so please be sure to contact the Advising Office with your course plan.

4) When can I transfer to Honours?
You can transfer to the Honours program once you have completed 63 credit hours of the program, and you have a GPA of 2.5 or better.

5) When do I need to finish my Math and Written English requirement?
You need to finish your Math and Written English requirements within the first 60 credit hours of your degree.

6) The course I want to take says “Advisor Approval Required” on it. What does that mean?
Advisor Approval is something the advising office needs to give you to take the course. If you want to take a course that requires this please contact us soon. We can add the override on ahead of time so there is no delay when it comes time to register.

7) I know I’ll need overrides in order to register, do I have to wait until my registration time?
No, don’t wait. Email us as soon as you know your course plan and we can add any necessary overrides before the day of your registration.

8) When is my registration time? I looked in Aurora and it says I don’t have one?
Registration time and status isn’t posted until July 5, 2019. If you look now you will receive an error message.

I hope this information helps, and please don’t hesitate to email or stop by during office hours if you have more questions.

Heather Nicolson
Student Advisor
School of Art
493 Tache Hall,
Winnipeg, Manitoba ∙ R3T 2N2 ∙ Canada
Tel. 204∙474∙8294
Fax. 204∙474-7605

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