Faculty Advising Now Available!

Faculty Advisor

Steven Cochrane is the SOA Faculty Advisor!

We are pleased to announce that all Undergraduate students in the School of Art will now have access to speak with a Faculty Advisor, as part of a pilot project for the Winter 2018 term. Steven Cochrane will be taking on this role and will be taking appointments with students on Thursday afternoons. Appointments are to be booked in advance through the Student Advising Office.

What is a Faculty Advisor?
Faculty Advisors are full-time instructors and working artists. They’re here to help you make sense of the art school experience, to help you make the most of it, and to help you strategize for what comes next. Faculty Advisors provide an extra link between Student Advising and your School of Art instructors. They can help you set artistic and professional goals, plan for life after university, and track your progress across different courses, offer feedback on your work, and discuss opportunities available to you as a School of Art student or grad.

What would I talk with the Faculty Advisor about?

Your work.

  • Get feedback on your art and design work outside of class.
  • Identify artistic strengths and see where you have room grow.
  • Discuss the knowledge, skills, equipment and materials you’ll need to make the work you want to make.
  • Learn about artists and designers, movements and concepts that may help advance your work.

Your career.

  • Discuss post-graduation career options.
  • Review graduate programs and applications.
  • Learn about opportunities for exhibitions, grants, awards, mentorships and extracurricular study.

Your degree.

  • Together with Student Advising, Faculty Advisors can help you chart a course through university, helping identify classes that will build on your individual strengths and further your individual goals.

How do I book appointment?
Appointments can be booked through the Student Advising office. Office hours for the Faculty Advisor are by appointment only.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Student Advising office at soadvise@umanitoba.ca or stop by and ask a question.

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