Plug In Institute ICA, Performance and Respondent Series

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art Presents: Skeena Reece: Sweetgrass and Honey

Opening Reception: Friday, January 19, 2018 • 7pm
January 20 to March 18, 2018
Performance: Looks Like a Suicide | Friday, January 19 • 7pm
Respondent Series: Bracken Hanuse Corlett | Saturday, January 20 • 2pm
Skeena Reece, I Know. From the digital
photo series: We Still Know, 2007

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art is truly pleased to present Sweetgrass and
Honey, a solo exhibition by Skeena Reece. Part survey, this exhibition
recontextualizes some of Reece’s earlier video and photographic projects, within a
new body of work that uses Plug In ICA as a place of political address to rewrite
and acknowledge how we have come to occupy the land we are on. In particular, the
newly commissioned piece, Access Denied, is a site-specific intervention that
challenges the racialized capitalism of The Hudson’s Bay’s origins in the furtrade.
One of the company’s early flagship stores sits across the street from Plug
In ICA and can be viewed through the windows of one of the institute’s gallery’s.
Reece’s installation blocks the view in a gesture that gives pause to a slowly
declining branch of the national department store while annunciating an economic
rift that is historically reminiscent yet still felt in Indigenous communities.

To continue reading please follow the link: Plug In ICA _ Media Release_Skeena Reece

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