2017 SoA Referendum Notice From SOFA SA

SOFA SA has submitted this notice below for all students of the School of Art

To all students at the School of Art,

November 15 and 16, the Students of the School of Art, University of Manitoba will hold a Referendum on the terms of the School of Art Endowment. This email notice is the first in a series of ways in which the School of Fine Arts Student Association (SOFA SA) intends on opening up the discussion on the terms of the School of Art Endowment, this upcoming referendum, and to properly inform students about where there money is going.

The Referendum will be held on November 15 and 16 of 2017 from 8:30am-4:30pm on both days and voting is open to all SoA students. Voting will be accessible online and also at voting polls at the entrance of the ARTlab building.

A brief overview of the School of Art Endowment:

In April, 1991 the Students of the School of Art, University of Manitoba held their first Referedum (vote) in order to support an existing School of Art Endowment Fund. Over the years, students voted to support additional funds, including:

School of Art Endowment Fund: initiatives of the School of Art, as an institution

Visiting Artist Fund: initiatives relevant to the larger School of Art community

Student Equipment/Initiative Fund: historically been used to support Student initiatives

School of Art students have revisited these Referendums in 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2011, 2013, 2015. These Referendums have been undertaken to revisit the needs of students and to adequately allocate funding for student projects.

The most recent Referendum of 2015 saw students allocate $2.66 per credit hour. This allocation was split into:

Endowment Fund 5%

Visiting Artist Fund 5%

Student Equipment Initiative Fund 90%

History of Referenda at SoA

1994: $20/student


1997: $30/student


2000: $40/student

Endowment (50%); Visiting Artist (50%)

2003: $75/student

Endowment (33%); Visiting Artist (33%); Equipment (33%)

2006: $100/student

Endowment (33%); Visiting Artist (33%); Student Initiative (33%)

2011: $90/student

Endowment (10%); Visiting Artist (40%); Student Initiative (50%)

2013: $90/student

Endowment (10%); Student Initiative (90%)

***  $53k moved from VA to SI

2015: $80/student

Endowment (5%); Visiting Artist (5%); Student Initiative (90%)

The 2017-2018 SOFA Students Association Council is committed to ensuring the transparency and openness of this process. We are actively soliciting suggestions for the 2017 Referendum. Send us an email at sofasa@gmail.com or find us around school and we’ll make this a conversation!

For a complete account of the 2017 School of Art Referendum visit http://sofasa.org/endowment_fund.html


SOFA Students Association

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