The School of Art is Hiring: Drawing/Painting Technician

The School of Art is hoping to hire a Drawing/Painting Technician!

Please read the description below and follow the link to apply online.

• A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is required, it is expected that the technician be a working artist.

• Related knowledge and experience in the field of Drawing and Painting, with an acceptable knowledge including the use, maintenance and repair of related equipment is required.
• In-depth knowledge of materials, processes, and concepts employed by a working artist is essential.
• It is important that students see the technician as someone with the experience that backs her or his authority.
• An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

• Effective written and verbal communication skills are required.
• Must be proficient in the operation, maintenance and repair of specialized equipment.
• Must be able to work with all levels of students and faculty.
• Must be able to teach others how to use the equipment safely.
• Ability to maintain, and organize the wood shop is required.
• Ability to maintain supplies and to maintain and repair equipment is required.
• Ability to learn and adhere to requisite WHMIS requirements and safety policies and apply them in the workplace is required.
• Ability to work within established budgets is required.
• Ability to handle purchasing, inventory control, shipping and handling of materials is required.
• Ability to handle and move heavy equipment and materials, including bags that can weigh 100 pounds, is required.
• Satisfactory work record, including satisfactory attendance and punctuality, is required.

Key Responsibilities
• Conduct student orientation sessions on the safe and practical use of studio equipment and tools.
• Post and maintain a weekly staffing schedule when technical support will be available outside of class time.
• Consult with faculty regarding materials required for curriculum delivery.
• Assist faculty/sessional instructors with follow up instructions and supervision of students.
• Perform scheduled servicing of equipment and tools. Identify need for service, repair, or replacement of equipment.
• Maintain to day-to-day equipment operations of all woodshop tools and maintenance of all components.
• Maintain inventory of all equipment, which includes ordering and updating of inventory lists.
• Maintain material inventory in secure storage and ensure that consumables are restocked in a timely manner.
• Ensure the maintenance, cleanliness, and safety of all equipment and woodshop areas.
• Maintain studio walls used for critique and display.
• Ensure proper access to EHS stations, fire corridors and report on all safety incidents to the Office of the Director.
• Supervise and guide students in the Wood Shop on safety procedures and proper functioning of equipment and components.
• Establish and maintain tool crib check out system.
• Provide appropriate student follow-up technical support for the safe use of equipment, which includes; easels, drawing donkeys and tool crib.
• Assist in establishing procedures and a schedule for student monitors to do basic service.
• Perform other related duties as assigned.
For more information and how to apply click here.
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