LandMarks: Place and Placelessness

LandMarks: Place and Placelessness

Please join us at an exhibition of site-specific artwork by:
Robyn Adams
Jean Borbridge
Katherine Boyer
Ellaina Brown
Meganelizabeth Diamond
Nichol Marsch
Laura Monkman
Sammi St. Clair
Lauren Wiebe
Emily Wolverton

LandMarks: Place and Placelessness
Exhibition: June 13-21, 2017
At The Forks National Historic Site and at Union Station
* Projects are in various locations at The Forks; see exhibition site map below,
or pick up a full pamphlet at the Travel Manitoba desk or at the Security Desk in Union Station.*

Reception: June 20, 5-7pm
At The Forks – under the white tent by the Children’s Adventure Park, behind the Children’s Museum
Free and open to all!

In conjunction with Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary and LandMarks2017/Repères2017, the School of Art offered a unique course in May/June. Place and Placelessness: Site-specific art in a land much older than 150 years is a course about site-specificity, art and landscape, colonialism and decolonization, indigeneity, place and placelessness.

A small cohort of students learned about making artwork in, and that reflects on, a “land much older than 150 years” (as the LandMarks curatorial statement cogently expresses). The class began in Winnipeg with foundational content on Treaties 1 and 5 territory, colonialism and its legacies, and site-specific art. After this situating of ourselves in place, the class travelled to Churchill, Manitoba, to witness artist Michael Belmore and his working methods on site as he and curator Natalia Lebedinskaia prepared their LandMarks project. The train trip to and from Churchill was a crucial component of the course; class continued with discussions and assignments during the 4-day journey. Back in Winnipeg, students prepared their own site-specific artworks for The Forks National Historic Site, culminating in this exhibition: LandMarks: Place and Placelessness.

Course instructor: Sarah Ciurysek, School of Art, University of Manitoba

For more information about Landmarks 2017, click here.

With thanks to LandMarks2017/Repères2017, the School of Art, Parks Canada, VIA Rail, Natalia Lebedinskaia, Michael Belmore, Kristina Hunter, and the many generous people we met during the course, as guests to classes, on the train, in Churchill, and during our exhibition installation.



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