Rozynski Arts Centre Hiring: Ceramist Technician

The Rozynski Arts Center is looking for a Ceramic Technician.

They write:

Join the Rozynski Arts Center team as a ceramic technician. You will manage the ceramic studio, its inventory, the kiln firing, and the maintenance of the equipment. You will assist artists in residence, artists who will give master  classes  and  activities  for  the  general  public.  Accommodation  is  available,  but  access  to  a  car  is  recommended as the center is located in a rural area.

Founded in 2012, the Rozynski Arts Center is dedicated to research, dissemination and production in sculpture and ceramics. This creative, exchange and resident center, whose activities and services to support creation and dissemination  are  aimed  primarily  at  professionals,  also  offers  a  range  of  training  activities  for  the  general  public. Located in Way’s Mills in the Eastern Townships, the Rozynski Arts Center is an ideal retreat in a calm and bucolic environment.

Main tasks include:
-­‐ Managing the inventory of materials, order, track and manage materials;
-­‐ Establishing a cooking schedule, oven charging and maintenance;
-­‐ Planning the housekeeping of the studio, the organization of the spaces according to the different activities and the preparation of the workshop;
-­‐  Welcoming  users,  explaining  the  functioning  of  the  workshop  and  offering  technical  assistance  in  the  realization of their projects;
-­‐ Maintaining a clean and safe environment;
-­‐  Assisting  the  other  members  of  the  team  in  setting  up  exhibitions,  conferences,  calendar  of  activities  and  artistic mediation projects with artists in residence.

The ideal candidate will be:
-­‐ Holder of a D.E.C. Ceramic technique or will have equivalent experience;
-­‐ Registered in Young Canada Works’ candidate bank or will meet the criteria of this program;
-­‐ Be a recent graduate who has graduated from a college or university in the 24 months prior to the start date; -­‐ Able to adapt to the needs of the RAC and the environment;
-­‐ Respectful of the mission and heritage of the RAC;
-­‐ Ability to communicate easily and to receive visitors and artists;
-­‐ Bilingual French / English.

Full-­‐time employment, 35h week, for 26 weeks.
Salary to be discussed.
The normal schedule will be from Tuesday to Sunday, but outside fixed activities, there is room for flexibility. The candidate will be housed directly at the RAC, and will have access to the workshop and equipment for his / her personal production without charge.

Send your CV, a cover letter to no later than June 1, 2017

for more information please visit their website.

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