Medalta Offers Strojich Fellowship to Former School of Art Studnt Grace Han!

Grace Han received the Strojich Fellowship for a residency!

Grace Han received the Strojich Fellowship for a residency at the Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics at Medalta in Medicine Hat, AB. The fellowship awards the successful candidate $1000.00 for a one-month residency in the Medalta International Artists in Residence program.

About Medalta:

“Medalta is an innovative industrial museum, contemporary ceramic arts facility, art gallery and community hub in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Located within a converted century-old factory, it has become an exciting place where cutting edge technologies meet historic restoration and archaeology come together.”

At its core, Medalta’s residency program is about bringing artists together in an environment that promotes creativity through community. The residency concept creates an opportunity for ceramists – who, for the most part, work individually – to re-enter a community atmosphere and take part in a rejuvenating dialogue, while working with like-minded artists. Our program seeks to benefit artists at all stages of their career, from students, to established artists. Each resident brings a wide variety of technical and aesthetic skills to the experience.

from the medalta website.

The School of Art at the University of Manitoba offers Grace congratulations, wishing her the best of luck!

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