BFA Show People’s Choice Winner: Elysia Shumka!

BFA peoples choice 2017

This year’s BFA Show was a great success. The School of Art showcased many talented artists in many different medias, although the artwork of one graduating students struck a chord with the crowd.

This is what winner of People’s Choice, Elysia Shumka had to say:Mound5detail.jpg

“I work with ceramics to create work inspired by biology. Microcosms (Mounds I-VII) is an immersive sculptural installation that formally explores the unseen and often un-noticed environment around us. Additional themes within the work include fragility, growth, death and balance between the natural and hand made. I wanted to draw attention to the small and delicate aspects of natural life while also giving the patterns and textures of biology my own creative interpretation.

I drew inspiration from things like termite mounds, stalactites, flowers, pinecones, shells, barnacles and leaves. I found through research and observation that if you choose to look close enough, you’ll notice that nature is organized into meticulous and mathematical visual systems. I decided to work within grid-like patterns in order to reference this everyday phenomena and I plan to continue working this way in the future.”

Elysia was also named an emerging artist by the Musing About Mud web blog. You can see the story by clicking here.





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