Poetry Reading | Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture

Earlier this semester, the School of Art Gallery played host to a unique initiative led by The Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture and their current Writer-in-Residence, poet Jennifer Still. Jennifer facilitated a weekly writing workshop called “Papery Acts” that considered the act of writing as animate, intimate, tactile, and highly susceptible to its atmospheres. The workshop traveled across the University of Manitoba campus in search of inspiration in surprisingly diverse spaces.

In addition to their visit to Ione Thorkellson: Synthia’s Closet at the School of Art Gallery, the group visited “Display on Papyri: Ink and Sand” at Archives and Special Collections, the Buller Greenhouse, the Ewen Campus Observatory, the Sea Ice Environmental Research Facility, a School of Music Ensemble Performance, and the historical University of Manitoba Administration Building.

Now Jennifer and her Poetry Lab participants invite you to an end-of-term poetry reading. Join them on Wednesday, April 5th, 1:30 pm, at the Old Black Hole Theatre in the basement of University College. Poets will read from work inspired by all of these magnificent spaces.

poetry reading.black hole


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