Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline: Friday, March 31

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Voluntary Withdrawal

A Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) is the act of dropping a course following the end of the registration revision period and prior to the Voluntary Withdrawal deadline.

No refund will be issued for a VWd course;
VWd courses will be recorded on official transcripts and student records;
Courses cannot be withdrawn from after the VW deadline applicable to that course has passed;
Courses which are not dropped by this deadline will be assigned a final grade.

Think before you drop…

Students may consider VWing a class for a variety of reasons. Before you decide to VW from a class, be sure to:

  • Talk with your course instructor about your concerns and if there are strategies for improvement before the end of term;
  • Talk to an academic advisor about your course load, study strategies, and options for possibly repeating the course later;
  • Be aware of course load requirements and implications of VW – if you have a government student loan, are a sponsored student, a Bison athlete or are in any other type of situation that requires a minimum course load;
  • Refer to the First Year Planning Guide or the Academic Calendar to make sure you know where that course fits into your intended or current program;
  • Check to see if the course is required as a prerequisite for upper-level courses within your program;
  • Look at the Summer Session schedule to see if the course is offered again this year.
  • Repeated courses (or equivalent) will be subject to the Limited Access registration rule, which will come into effect when registering for courses starting in Winter 2018 or later.

Graduate Studies student who are unable to continue studies in any term must contact their department regarding a Leave of Absence.

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