SoA’s Mark Neufeld in Arizona: The 2017 Taliesin Artist in Residency Program

2017-02-28 18.16.23

In film, the green screen offers unending possibilities for post-production visual effects. Displacing what is present, it conceals and re-invents. In a series of works made during a four week residency at Taliesin West, Mark Neufeld adopted the cinematic veil to investigate its metaphoric weight in terms of human and social displacements.

His film, The Green Screen, was screened on February 28 at the David Wright House and on March 1 at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Taliesin West. It is a piece that visualizes disappearance and “blending in.”

Another work was installed on lawns of the David Wright House: The Green Flag similarly exploits the mulitlayered semiotics of “the green screen” as a symbol of concealment. As a flag, it represents the freedom and fantasies of the modern state.

Mark Neufeld was Artist in Residence at Taliesin West during the month of February. Learn more about the Taliesin Artist Residency Program.


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