Call for a 3D (robot) model animator!

Stela Seo, a Ph.D. student from Human-Robot Interaction lab in Computer Science under Dr. James Young‘s supervision is seeking a student who is enthusiastic and talented for 3D (robot) model animation.

One of Stela Seo, projects moves toward very interesting direction. The project is to convey coarse-grain robot states of other team members in a multi-robot teleoperation interface. Since there are too much information for an operator to process (e.g., video feeds, states info., geographical info. etc. from multiple robots), we need some clever techniques to reduce an operator’s burden, for example, animated gestures of robots for robotic states (e.g., working fine, confused, stuck, etc.). A good example can be the animation, Cars from Disney and Pixar, where cars have facial and body gestures to convey their thoughts.

We are working with Unity3D engine and 3D robot model created in Blender (attached picture). We can simulate (mimic real-world) the robot’s movement (e.g., look-direction and wheel movement), but we would like to maximize the 3D’s capability — distortion, exaggeration, etc.robot

Further discussion on the project and requirements please contact Stela,

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