ArtMoi – the world’s first cloud based artwork registry!


ArtMoi is the world’s first cloud based artwork registry that can track the lifespan of a single work of art, much like the ISBN system for the publishing industry. Artists can document provenance, declare copyright, and track all of the details about each of their works and it is absolutely free.

Authoritative information around a piece of art is only as good as the documentation behind it and it should start with the artist. We want artists to become the custodians of their work; they are, after all, the ones who know and understand it best.

Because of this, we are reaching out to up and coming artists, those just getting started in their career. We’ve created a proposal for the University of Manitoba’s visual arts students that would give each student a free portfolio website to go along with our cataloging services for the duration of their time at university. Please check out their offer for students! artmoi U of M


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