SoA’s Prof Sharon Alward’s Performance Art Class presents at Aceart!

Professor Sharon Alward’s Performance Art class appeals to those who are willing to blur the distinctions between art and life—to muddy the waters and create a healthy confusion of genres – to go beyond “either/or”. The class will be more interested in “both/and”, exploring a co-existence of nested truths. While the practice of art does usually end in a physical product, in this course art will be a process not a goal – or, to quotes Barthes, “the path would be equivalent to the goal” This course will welcome paradox, ambivalence, ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty into the creative process.

7pm, Wednesday 8 February 2017

2nd Floor, 290 McDermot Avenue


Kelly Campbell
Danielle Fenn
Kristin Flattery
Julian Kirchmann
Madeline Rae
Kelsey Smith
Keegan Steele
Bryn Vargas

performance-art-classImage: Keegan Steele

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