Mark it in your calendars – Living On, A symposium organized by the Journal Mosaic!


Living On, A symposium organized by the Journal Mosaic with accompanying exhibition of the work of Lidwien van de Ven at the School of Art Gallery: March 9-11, 2017 University of Manitoba.

Scheduled for the year of Mosaic’s 50th anniversary and marking both the journal’s transition to the next half-century and its transfer to a new editorship, this symposium has movement in trans- as its theme. Taking the theme and conference title from Jacques Derrida’s “Living On / Borderlines” (1979), the journal plans to celebrate this in transit occasion by bringing together participants from architecture, art, film, literature, music, and philosophy to reflect on the continuing life of their fields into the next fifty years. Without striving for consensus or conclusion but, to use Judith Butler’s words from “Finishing, Starting” (2009), “something more active, difficult, and dynamic” than that, the symposium invites participants to engage in readings that allow the works or themes they have selected to survive or live on “in states of relative dissemination” (291-92). The symposium will include lectures, panels, and workshops involving some 19 participants, joining some of the world’s leading scholars with graduate students from across the disciplines. Read more.

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