Bryn Vargas – Animating Self – Opening Reception This Sat, Nov 5, 7 -10pm

Bryn Vargas
Animating Self

Event Details

Flux Gallery 2-290 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg, MB
Show runs: November 1 – 12, 2016

Opening Reception Saturday, November 5, 2016, 7 -10pm

animating_self_bryn_vargas_promoWe all have experienced different cultural environments and this has greatly influenced our roles within our homes. “Animating Self” is informed by the artist’s exploration of belonging and understanding the home. This time-based performance seeks to question the place of the home as a uniquely familiar space, and the meaning it acquires when inhabited by an individual.

Bryn Vargas is an inter-disciplinary artist concerned about the well-being of relationships in our society today. Seeking to discover, and share the truths she is learning about relationship and what makes it good and worthwhile.

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