The Decolonizing Lens Screening – Nov. 7

The Decolonizing Lens presents:

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Cecile St.Amant has been keeping a deep secret all her life. Cecile is Métis. Now her granddaughter, Janelle Wookey, is setting out to find out why the family’s Métis blood has been such an embarrassment to her Mémére all these years. After 60 years of shame, can Mémére’s mind be changed and eyes be opened to a new, enlightened view of her own Métis heritage?

In an interview shot just a few months before her death, Augustine Abraham, matriarch of Manitoba’s Métis community and great-niece of Louis Riel, left an important message. She warned that it would be up to the ‘found’ genderation of Métis to keep the spirit of the Métis alive. In an attempt to answer Augustine’s call, Janelle Wookey rallies the troops to create, a new, online archive of Métis history and platform where the ‘found’ generation of Métis might learn to define who they are in today’s world and work together to better understand what their role can be going forward. In this film, co-directed by her brother Jérémie, Janelle discovers the realities and challenges facing today’s ‘found’ generation of Métis.

A monthly series that features the work and words of Indigenous filmmakers from Winnipeg and beyond, The Decolonizing Lens is supported by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the University of Manitoba. All screenings are free and open to everyone. Poster by the amazing Celeste Sutherland.

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