Scratch Animation Workshop with Richard Reeves !



The Linear Dreams of Richard R. Reeves
Introduced by Richard R. Reeves
Saturday, October 29 at 7 pm
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street

A wizard of scratch animation Richard R. Reeves creates animated films by scratching sound and picture directly onto film. Independent, handmade, and abstract in nature, these dazzling colorful animated films resemble the best work of animation pioneer Norman McLaren’s such as Blinkity Blank (1955) and Begone Dull Care (1949) The former production co-ordinator of the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary in the late 1990’s he now lives in BC but is in Winnipeg to teach a day long workshop at the Wpg Film Group in cameraless animation. We are honored to present an evening of his best works in 35mm film including

Scratch Animation with Richard Reeves
Sat. Oct. 29 / 10 AM – 4PM
Location: WFG Studio, Third Floor, 100 Arthur Street
To sign up contact MARK BOROWSKI
204-925-3456 (EXT 111)
Registration Fee: $60 (Members) $80 (Non-Members)
The age group for this workshop is for everyone.
No previous experience is necessary and all materials are supplied.

During the workshop, each participant will create a short animated film, in colour and complete with a sound track. All this without a camera or any sound recording.This direct, almost instant style of filmmaking is very hands on and lots of fun. Images are applied directly onto the film by painting and etching using magic markers, inks, steel wool and various tools. The pictures are accompanied by a handmade optical soundtrack which is made by scratching into
the emulsion of the optical stripe or applying shapes into it.

Once completed, participants can see and hear their projects become alive on the big screen, a real cinematic experience.
The workshop opens discussion and experiments involving the very elements of cinema. and how we perceive motion pictures.Participants are encouraged to explore the possibilities of the illusion of motion, optical sound composition, visual music,colour theory and expanded cinematic techniques.This animation process examines the art and science of motion pictures.

About the Instructor:
Biography of Richard R. Reeves
Independent animator and kinetic film scratcher, Richard Reeves is a traveler of time and space and creator of amazing projected moving images. Acclaimed at festivals around the world for his animation Richard combined his passion for painting and music to create animated films by drawing both sound and picture directly onto film. He has produced award winning experimental works and his collection is preserved at the National Library and Archives of Canada.

Richard has been a member of the Quickdraw Animation Society for over 25 years and worked there 8 years as Film Production Coordinator. He has mentored at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School for 10 years, inspiring people to use super8 and 16mm filmmaking, hand processing and experimental film and projection techniques. He has taught cameraless animation courses across Canada, Europe and South America. He has also assisted juries such as the Toronto International Film Festival, Norway and Dresden International Animation Festivals.

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