Send + Receive

This October 13 – 16 join us for the 18th annual edition of send + receive: a festival of sound in Winnipeg! 

Sound waves travel through the air and interact with any and all materials in their path, meaning the way in which we receive and interpret sound is greatly impacted by the space in which we inhabit. Physical space, then, not only affords us the calm or the distractions that influence our ability to focus on sound, but also impacts the way that sound moves to, and around, us. This year, our eighteenth edition explores Space & Sound. The concept described above is the starting point with which we expand outward, or inward, encompassing a few intriguing tangents in the midst. send-and-receive-v18-logo
This year we will place you in a variety of unique spaces to listen and to consider the way that the space plays a role in how the artist creates. We will present works that illustrate the audience’s role in this process and other works that approach the theme from architectural, playful, poetic or abstract perspectives.
We begin with three exhibitions and talks with Canadian artists at Parlour, Gallery 1C03 and aceartinc., which run from September through November (varying per show). Amidst these dates we will showcase our annual four-day October festival, featuring artists from Canada, Norway, Australia and the United States.
Join us for an array of beautiful, diverse and stimulating works in some very special contexts and spectacular spaces in Winnipeg.
— crys cole, Artistic Director, send + receive

This year’s artists:

Sylvia Matas (MB) – exhibition at Parlour
Adam Basanta (QC) – exhibition at Gallery 1C03
Eleanor King (NY/CAN) – exhibition at Gallery 1C03 & talk 10/15
Marla Hlady (ON) – exhibition at aceartinc. w/ talk 10/07 – 10/28
Kevin Drumm (US) – performance 10/13
Cam Scott (MB) – sound installation (through fest)
Jim Denley (AU) – performance 10/13
works of Alvin Lucier (US) – 2 performances 10/13 + 10/15
MURAL (NO/AU) – performance 10/14
Jen Reimer & Max Stein (QC) – performance 10/15
Olivia Block (US) – talk 10/14 & performance 10/15
Tony Conrad: Completely In the Present (US – film) – 10/16

Entry at the door for each event or festival passes can be purchased on the first night or are available now at Into the Music for $40.

For full program details join us on facebook or see our website HERE

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