The School of Art is pleased to announce our newest faculty member in Graphic Design – Daniel McCafferty.  Daniel co-founded and helped to run an independent record label for eight years, leading him to discover his interest in design and process.   As a multi-disciplinary designer, his work is activist-oriented and collaborative in nature. It is propelled by interests in relational, critical and speculative art and design practices.
In 2011, he co-founded the design collective Public Design Unit and their first project (Parkdale Versions) debuted at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche festival. He helped to establish the collaborative design research group Different Data with friends from Illinois and California. Their work has traveled internationally. In 2014, work of PDU and Different Data was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Daniel is an active member of the critical design forum ABCD, which supports designers, design researchers and design educators to begin collaborations and dialogues in critical design practice. He has participated in DesignInquiry, an educational organization devoted to researching design issues and in 2013, served as a principle organizer for DesignInquiry:Detroit.

Daniel has taught in the design department at OCAD-University, and most recently was an assistant professor and area coordinator of graphic design at Wayne State University, in Detroit.

Daniel has shared some links of interest to designers at SoA. If you have any questions or want to discuss any opportunities with him, please contact him at

The NFB/imagineNATIVE Interactive Partnership allows for an expanded focus on the development phase of the selected project, with a wider range for content & production budget scope, as well as greater synergy and cross-collaboration between the NFB and the selected artist.

About the position: The design associate is expected to aid the design editor in organizing the layout of the Manitoban. This is a process that equally balances the aesthetic needs of the paper with the requests of the Manitoban section editors. The workload for this position may vary from week-to-week, however, the design associate will be expected to layout a minimum of one full section per issue of the Manitoban.


About the position: The graphics associate is expected to aid the graphics editor in producing quality graphic images based upon the requests of the Manitoban section editors. The graphics associate should be familiar with graphics editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop. The workload for this position may vary from week-to-week, however, the graphics associate will be expected to provide a minimum of two graphic assignments per issue of the Manitoban.

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