Invitation to community consultations for Native Hosts public sculptures

You are invited to attend community consultations for Edgar Heap of Birds’ “Native Hosts” public artworks which will potentially be installed at the University of Winnipeg. There are 3 dates/times/locations for these consultations. The artist is seeking input/knowledge of the names of the nations that should be identified on the artworks.

From June 13 – 17, 2016, The University of Winnipeg’s Office of the Vice-President of Indigenous Affairs and Gallery 1C03, in partnership with Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, are pleased to welcome respected visiting Indigenous artist, professor, and activist Edgar Heap of Birds, a leader of the traditional Cheyenne Elk Warrior Society, who will carry out a series of public community consultations toward the potential installation of his Native Hosts series of permanent public sculptures on the University’s campus.

The Native Hosts project is an on-going series of public art interventions that have been deployed throughout the United States and Canada for nearly 30 years. These expressions of honoring indigenous citizens from communities both ancient and contemporary, seek to educate the non-Native public as to what tribal grounds and histories they may be walking over, as well as truly which indigenous territory everyone on the continent sleeps each night. The tribal spirits who inhabited and do inhabit these lands, sometimes called “Turtle Island”, are present and deserve acknowledgement which is greatly lacking.

The reversal or backwards treatment of the colonial names of states and provinces found on each Native Hosts panel is meant to turn around the state or province and their occupants in order to see this original Native world in a new manner. As in any proper decorum it is fitting, before one proceeds in life, to properly recognize ones host.
-Edgar Heap of Birds

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