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The University of Manitoba (UofM) hosts a very diverse community with talents in multiple disciplines. Showcasing the spirit of our unique community, TEDxUManitoba creates a space where we can discuss, debate and draw attention to all the great work being done at UofM. TEDxUManitoba is independently organized by a group of UofM students and staff members committed to spreading powerful ideas that use Technology, Entertainment or Design in ways that challenge the status quo. It serves as a platform for presenting the work done by the best thinkers and doers at the University of Manitoba and Winnipeg’s community at large.

Space is limited to 100 seats. 70 seats will be allocated through the website application process and 30 seats will be allocated through our Instagram challenge. For more information about our Instagram challenge, visit our Facebook page.

Application deadline: 4pm on March 4, 2016(this FRIDAY).Click here for the online application.

Meet the Speakers….

Marcia Anderson DeCoteau
Assistant Professor and Head, Section of FIrst Nations, Metis and Inuit Health, University of Manitoba
Indigenous Knowledge: Pseudoscience or the Key to Closing the Gaps in Indigenous Health?
Health programs that are culture-based and use both western and Indigenous knowledge have the potential to be more responsive to Indigenous peoples and their rights than the status quo and could be the key to closing the gaps in Indigenous health.

Daniel Mach
Engineer, City of Winnipeg
From Army Camp to Refugees Camp to Campus – How WUSC-SRP Changed My Life through Education. I would like members of the audiences to see a live example of how extending a helping hand can change a person, their family, their community and entire society by changing one life at a time.

James (Jim) MulvaleTEDx poster
Dean, Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba
Basic Income: An idea whose time has come. By providing an economic floor for all in Canada, basic or guaranteed income would simplify and streamline our income security system, would lower rates of poverty and inequality, and would enable us to advance environmental sustainability in the context of a steady state economy.

Dale Overton
President and Founder, Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc.
Closing the Sustainability Loop on Food Processing – Compost for Climate Change
Working with the largest food processors in the world by creating and implementing organics waste management and carbon offset strategies – closing the sustainability loop on food processing.

Niigaanwewidam (James) Sinclair
Department Head, Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba
What Does an Indigenous University Look Like?
With the move to “Indigenize” and “Decolonize” Education underway, what could an Indigenous university look like and how might it be for everyone?

Jacky Baltes
Professor and Co-Director of the Autonomous Agents Lab, University of Manitoba
What can we learn from Robot Athletes?
Robotic competitions act as important benchmarks for robotics research, but also allow students to develop important skills that are useful in their career later.

Charlotte Enns
Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, Univeristy of Manotoba
Our Human Capacity for Language: Insights from Signed Languages
If we truly value human diversity we will stop trying to make everyone “normal” and gain the rich benefits of different perspectives.

Lindy Norris
Director of Business Development & Marketing with Pitblado Law; Founder & President of Athena Leadership
The Power of Failing, and Finding Your Tribe
Identifying and sticking with your people (your “tribe”) takes work and courage, but when you do, you catalyze exceptional success.

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