SOA – Open House Art work Drop Off

Important Dates:

Deadline for submitting art: Friday, February 5th – 10–4pm.
Installation will begin the afternoon of Thursday, February 11th.
Installation will be completed on Friday, February 12th.
All work must be picked up/removed by 8pm Sunday February 21st.

Drop Off and Pick Up Information for Student Work:

  • Students are allowed to exhibit one piece of work from each of their courses during this academic year.  This work must be clearly labeled with their name and the Calendarcourse.
  • Students are responsible for delivering their work to the Special Collections Gallery, just left of the main entrance to the School of Art Gallery on Friday, February 5 from 10-4pm only. (If you cannot bring your work yourself, please send it with a friend)
  • The removal of all work, beginning at 5pm and ending at 8pm on Sunday, is essential as classes take place at 8:30 Monday morning.   If you cannot pick up your work, please write a note giving a friend or family member permission to do so on your behalf. Unclaimed work will not be stored. 
  • If any work is deemed unsafe to be exhibited, the student will be told so when it is dropped off.
  • If there are specific requirements for installation, students must speak to Jamie Wright prior to dropping off their work to make sure that there is adequate space.
  • It should be noted that some works might not be able to be exhibited if they are unsafe or if there is not a proper area of ARTlab that can accommodate them for a variety of reasons.

The ememo is sent out on a weekly basis every Wednesday. All news submissions must be submitted by email to before Tuesday at 4:30pm to be considered for the following week’s

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