Call for Submissions for the Move Kinetic Art Fair


Thanks for reading the following Call for Submissions for the Move Kinetic Art Fair.
All entries are to include at least some found materials and have an element of motion.

Proposals should include: an artist statement; a detailed description of the work you wish to present or explore; and any relevant support material, all sent as individual PDFs. You may include images, video, print or digital documentation of your work or as links, PDFs, or image files.
Include dimensions and special requirements for setup if applicable – e.g. stage, electrical outlet

*Artists are welcome to submit individually or as part of a group. If you are submitting as a group please
identify a main contact person in your submission.

Send your proposal by email to

Please be courteous of image size and materials that you are sending. Ensure that attachments total to less than 10MB; if more space is required you may provide a link to a Dropbox.
Artists will be contacted this September regarding the status of their proposals.
Deadline for submissions: August 28, 2015
This is a juried art show. Selected artists will be paid according to current CAFAC rates.
October exhibition details TBA

Reva Stone’s work is concerned with an examination of the mediation between our bodies and the technologies that are altering how we interact with the world. She engages with a variety of forms of digital technologies to initiate discourses about how biotechnological and robotic practices are impacting upon the very nature of being human.

Ming Hon is an independent dancer, choreographer, and performance artist based in Winnipeg. Her practice looks into themes of work, labour, capitalism, and the economy and politics of the female body.

Jean-Denis Boudreau’s work weaves itself into the fabric of society, patching its holes with humour and sarcasm. Paradigms and social behaviours are chopped up, de-boned and skinned, then condensed into packages ready for mass consumption.

With the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council.

Download the pdf below:
kinetic art fair call

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