Dominique Rey – Under the Rose Arch

MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario

March 19 to June 28, 2015

Reception: Thursday, March 19, 7 to 9 pm

Artist Talk: Friday, March 20, 10:30 am, Campus Gallery, Georgian College

For the past decade, Dominique Rey has been documenting Les Filles de la Croix, a disappearing order of Catholic nuns. Her investigations into the order began in her hometown of Winnipeg, and have since taken her to Brazil, Argentina and France, where she captures the quiet lives and intimate spaces of the sisters. Under the Rose Arch presents a selection of lens-based work from this ongoing documentary project. Each work derives from images taken by Rey at the various convents she visited, culminating in a composite portrait of the sisterhood. The artist represents the nuns through the spaces and objects that surround them, bringing the meditative and devotional qualities of their world into visibility.

Attitudes in Latitudes: The Northern Wild Explores the Tropics

Art Center South Florida, Miami Beach

March 14- April 26, 2015

Curated by Ombretta Agró Andruff, this exhibition includes the work of Evin Collis, Aganetha Dyck, Erin Josephson-Laidlaw, Heather Komus, Lucinda Linderman, Anja Marais, Ana Méndez, Andrew Nigon, Christina Pettersson, Dominique Rey, Diana Thorneycroft, Antonia Wright

PREVIEW & ARTIST TALK  Saturday, March 14 | 7pm
OPENING RECEPTION  Wednesday, March 18 | 7-10pm
CURATOR WALKTHROUGH  Wednesday, April 8 | 7pm

Attitudes in Latitudes which spans over both the Richard Shack Gallery and Project 924 is the result of the curator’s research trip to Winnipeg. The exhibition features six artists from the Canadian microcosm and six from Miami exploring their strong, and yet sometimes peculiar connection to the landscape that surrounds them as well as the creatures, either real or invented, that inhabit it.

I will be showing work from both Erlking and Strangers to Ourselves

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