Summer Session 2015 Courses for SOA

Summer Session 2015 registration starts on March 23, 2015!

The following classes are offered by the School of Art in Summer 2015.
If you are planning to register for any of the following courses please use Aurora for more details.
Registration begins on March 23, 2015. Keep in mind, that classes with low enrollments might be cancelled.

Courses below will start in May 2015:

FA      1020 A01 Mathematics in Art
FAAH 2080 A01 Modern to Contemporary Art
FAAH 2910 A60 Field Studies in Art History I
STDO 1210 A01 Drawing: Studio 1
STDO 2220 A01 Painting 1
STDO 2250 A01 Drawing 1
STDO 2650 A01 Digital Design Technology
STDO 3680 T01 Independent Projects in Ceramics
Courses below will start in June 2015:

FA      1020 A02 Mathematics in Art
FAAH 3212 A01 Introduction to the Theory of Art
STDO 1210 A02 Drawing: Studio 1
STDO 1240 A01 Figure Study 1
STDO 1250 A01 Drawing: Studio 2
STDO 3680 T02 Independent Projects in Painting

For further information about dates during Summer Session please go to Important Dates to review.

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