St. Amant leisure activities – Volunteer opportunity

St. Amant is developing a leisure guide for clients associated with us who have developmental disabilities and autism at our site at 440 River Road in St. Vital. Mainstream leisure activities often do not really cater to our clients needs and so although they are not excluded they often do not get the best experience. We aim to offer as many activities as we can.

We are looking for students who may be interested in teaching an art program 1.5 hours a week maybe starting in March or could be later for 10 weeks. This would be a volunteer position but would be great for resume development as our Volunteer Services Department would provide an official reference. It may for example interest students who are thinking of a career in art therapy. St. Amant will provide the space and will supply all of the materials that the teacher requests and supply volunteers to help with set up and clear up and help with program as directed by the teacher.

Below are the leisure memo and proposal documents. Please forward your proposals to Ruth Thorne at:


Recreational Leisure Activities Memo

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