Invoicing and Invoice Payment and Policy

DEAR STUDENTS, please read the information below in its entirety for instructions on paying your resale material invoices. THIS IS NOT REGARDING YOUR TUITION – it only entails materials purchased from technicians (ceramics, printing, woodstretch…)

Invoice Policy and Instructions:

-Invoices will be issued once your total owing has reached $100. If you do not reach this total your balance will be carried over each month and you will be invoiced at the end of term.

-Invoices will be emailed to your student email account. Do not delete this email.

-Invoice payment is due on receipt of the invoice and should be paid immediately.

 To pay:

-Go to the Cashier’s Office – Rm. 138 University Centre – Down the hall from the Bookstore. They are open til 4pm.

-***Bring your invoice number*** The cashier’s office does not have this information and you will need your invoice number to pay. THE UNIVERSITY DOES NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD.

 Overdue invoices will result in your student account being placed on hold.

Please keep track of the materials you purchase and know when you will be expected to pay to avoid this.

If you do not receive your invoice please email:
*Please specify which month(s) you are in need of.

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