Call for Submissions – 2016 Multifaith Calendar

Call for Submissions – 2016 Multifaith Calendar

Each year, the Multifaith Action Society invites artists to submit works of art for publication in our upcoming Multifaith Calendar.

The theme for the 2016 edition is:  Gratitude

The deadline for submissions is:  25 January 2015

We believe this theme is open to a wide variety of interpretations and leaves open the possibility for a rich array of artistic submissions.

Most of us in the western world live in the land of plenty – the land of milk and honey – overflowing with resources, freedoms, opportunities and beauty. It is a smorgasbord of delights. But no matter where one lives, we also live in a world of “duality” and the “evening news”! On a daily basis, if we listen to constant tales of woe and suffering (which are never ending in the media) we can lose sight of all we truly have to be grateful for in our lives.

An attitude of Gratitude is really an open-ended topic. Do you have ears to hear your favourite music; feet to dance; eyes to see the beauty of the sunset; hands to hold; people to cry and laugh with; a roof over your head; work to make you think; freedom to believe what you want….fresh air and water?…  These are all the simple but often profound ingredients of gratitude.  Everyone’s life is full of them.  And once we start looking for them, they can come rushing into vision.

This year, we ask our artists to turn their eyes to what opens their hearts, humbles their lives, and makes them sing songs of gratitude.

Submission Guidelines…

Artwork on this theme can be submitted in any medium. All artists are invited to submit including those who have never been featured in the Calendar and those who have been featured in past editions. Work can be in any medium. The interpretation of the theme will be determined by the overall collection of images received.

How We Pay Artists…

Selected artists will be offered an honorarium of $250 (Cdn) per monthly calendar image, $500 (Cdn) for the cover image, and $100 (Cdn) for smaller inset images placed throughout the Calendar. In addition, selected artists will receive a set of complimentary Calendars once published. Approximately 17,000 copies of the MFC are sold annually across North America and Internationally.

How to Submit Entries…

Submit digital images in low resolution (JPEG / 72dpi) to:

Should a piece be chosen, we will contact the artist and request a high resolution version of the image (9″ x 9″, 400 dpi).

Additional information can be found here:

Address any questions to:

Best of luck and we look forward to your submissions!

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