Exhibit: Frost-bitten Mosquito-slapping Trolley Tippers – Contemporary Art from Manitoba



 Frost-bitten Mosquito-slapping Trolley Tippers – Contemporary Art from Manitoba creating “a buzz” in Ontario

 |Winnipeg, MB: Eighteen Manitoba artists are going to be featured in an art exhibition in Almonte, Ontario.  The exhibition’s title: Frost-bitten Mosquito-slapping Trolley Tippers – Contemporary Art from Manitoba is drawn from stereotypical outsider’s view of Manitoba and its inhabitants. Curators Michael Boss and Diana Thorneycroft “…wanted to poke fun at common perceptions of who we are, while celebrating the wealth of artistic talent in our province.”

Last summer Thorneycroft and Boss were in Ontario to celebrate their nephew’s wedding, and when they walked into the art filled B&B where they were staying, they knew they’d found kindred spirits. The owner of that B&B had just started a new gallery in the town of Almonte, 53 kilometers east of Ottawa. Chandler Swain, along with her business partner Richard Skrobecki opened the doors of General Fine Craft, Art & Design in April 2013, and now, just over a year later, it has become a mecca for collectors and art lovers alike.

Thorneycroft and Boss became instant friends with Swain and her husband Mike, and through that friendship, the idea of hosting an all Manitoba exhibition was born. Frost-bitten Mosquito-slapping Trolley Tippers – Contemporary Art from Manitoba has its official opening Sept. 5th and features some of the best artists working in this province.

“Once we had resolved to put together an exhibition of artwork from Manitoba for General Fine Craft, Art and Design, we had to decide which artists we were going to ask to participate. Over the years we have gotten to know so many exceptional artists that this was a very difficult task. We worked up several lists, and then decided we had to whittle them down to a reasonable number for the space we had been allotted.”, said Michael Boss.

Diana Thorneycroft added; “The criteria, other than the fact that we were aiming to show work that was fairly funky and suited to a space that focuses on craft and design, was that we wanted to split the list between female and male artists. In the end, we chose relatively compact pieces (remembering that we would have to ship the work), by a number of artists whose work we know and admire. We quickly concluded, to our delight and consternation, that we know and admire a lot more artists than we could invite to participate.”

The exhibition will feature work made by Robert Archambeau, Michael Boss, Evin Collis, Erica Eyres, Peter Graham, Takashi Iwasaki, Dana Kletke, Heather Komus, Frank Livingston, Mary Lowe, Grace Nickel, Crystal Nykoluk, Paul Robles, Suzie Smith, Ione Thorkelsson, Diana Thorneycroft, Jordan van Sewell and Seth Woodyard.

The mission of General Fine Craft, Art & Design is to illuminate the art in Fine Craft and the craft in Fine Art by selecting work that is challenging on many levels: technical, aesthetic, conceptual – and in terms of its ability to simply delight the human soul. Each month they produce special features on particular artists’ work and/or curate themed group exhibitions, inviting new artists into the gallery. Exhibition vernissages are popular and lively events, growing Almonte’s reputation for being a hub of creativity in Eastern Ontario.

Frost-bitten Mosquito-slapping Trolley Tippers – Contemporary Art from Manitoba runs from September 2 to October 12, 2014

 General Fine Craft, Art and Design is located at 63 Mill Street, Almonte, Ontario

Ph. (613) 461-3463, email: generalfinecraft@gmail.com

 For further information contact: Michael Boss/Diana Thorneycroft at: thorneyboss@shaw.ca or (204) 788-0355

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