New Policies for Assignments, Room Booking and Permission to Install, A/V Project Bookings

The office does not take assignments from students. Students must arrange to meet with their instructors to drop off assignments. The office will not unlock Instructors’ offices/suites for assignments that don’t fit under the door. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Room Booking and Installing
(studio, senior studio and interdisciplinary critique)
Instructors are asked to book one room for critiques. The office is no longer booking rooms to students unless they are for Student Groups.

Please book in advance and notify the office if students need weekend or evening access to install so that security and/or a/v services can be notified in due time.

Remember when installing –

  • NO NAILS OR HAMMERING- This damages the structure of the walls.
  • Pushpins, painter’s tape and screws are fine – no Velcro or other adhesive
  • Holes/damage must be remediated by the student.

(The office is not in charge of loaning these supplies to students. However, Dan has a drill that can be lent out)

Students requiring the use of a different room than the one booked must fill out a “Permission to Install Form” at the office and give at least 5 working days prior to the start of the project. Instructors must sign this form before it is handed in. Last minute requests will not be accepted.

Please de-install work at the end of your class in the event someone else needs the room. Work left behind in the event of a subsequent booking will be moved by whomever is using the room.

A/V Booking:
Students needing projectors must use either a smart classroom with a projector or book with their instructor through a/v services a MINIMUM of 48 hours in advance. Franc will not loan projectors out for students as they are meant for emergency use for profs.

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